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Why Give?

Nearly 700,000 women in GEORGIA are in need of publicly funded contraceptive services and supplies.

Most of those women, ages 13-44, are young, non-white or uninsured. There is also a large gap in men and adolescent boys' access to family planning information and services in Georgia.

GFPS has refined an integrative approach that ensures that our network of Title X healthcare partners can reach all Georgians in need; while other attempts to deliver comprehensive family planning and primary care services have failed.

Georgia Family Planning System provides fully integrated family planning and primary care services to women, men and adolescents throughout Georgia. We served 168,833 patients in 2019.

Your donation helps us continue our work. Click the link below to; click on the "Donate" button; designate your gift as "GFPS Donation" in the PayPal profile.